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The electric vehicle market is growing at a fast pace, with customers needing chargers installed at their homes all over the UK, creating a fantastic opportunity for local electricians. We are building a network of EV charger installers and want to partner with local electricians like yourself to roll out our charging solutions. To apply complete and submit the form below.

Our Benefits

Additional income

Add an additional income stream to your business through receiving consistent work in your area

New jobs throughout UK

Receive new jobs by benefiting from a growing UK brand in EV charging


We can manage the OZEV grant and DNO paperwork, so you get paid upfront without having to wait for the grant money to come through

Specialist advice

Leverage our in-house specialist installation and product knowledge for home charging

Dedicated marketing team

Benefit from our dedicated chargestation marketing teams to help support your business

Lead generation

We offer a reward scheme where you can earn commission for any successful leads

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